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BOARDING & Daycare

I strive to make your dog's stay as fun, safe, and stress-free as possible, with plenty of opportunities to play and socialize with people and other dogs.  Feel free to request any one of our specially themed rooms for your dog's stay, whether your dog is into firetrucks, Huskers, or is more of a girly-girl! 


You are welcome to bring your own food bowls and blankets.  Please bring your dog's food with you for their stay, and separating each day's portions separately would be most helpful!  We have no problems administering whatever medications are needed, just make a note of the dosage and frequency when you drop your pet off.

Please call to schedule a drop-off and pick-up time. 

Proof of current vaccinations will be needed on file. Make sure flea and tick treatments are up-to-date before each visit!

  • M-F:  7:30AM-11:30AM, 2PM-6PM
  • Saturday:  7:30AM-6PM
  • Sunday:  7:30AM-9AM, 4PM-6PM
  • First dog per day: $28.50
  • Second dog per day: $26
  • Third dog per day: $22.50
  • DAYCARE: $20, Free daycare day after 10 visits
  • Cash Discount Available

We look forward to seeing you soon!

 Please fill out a boarding registration for each dog, and don't forget your proof of vaccinations!  All pets are required to be on some type of flea and tick medicine before boarding.  Thanks!
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